Talk to Read©
Project Info

The Talk to Read© Collaborative is designed to champion second-grade teachers as they implement instructional strategies that engage learners in student-centered activities building a bridge connecting oral and written language. These strategies incorporate literacy skills with technology to support the learning and achievement of high-needs students and promote equity in high-poverty, rural schools.

Talk to Read© consists of 5 components:

  1. LEA – Apply Language Experience Approach

  2. SR – Utilize Speech Recognition technologies

  3. Think Aloud – Demonstrate targeted literacy skills

  4. Structured Writing – Scaffold storytelling across genres for an audience

  5. Instructional Management – Tailor for successful classroom implementation

Teachers, instructional coaches, and researchers have joined forces to bring Talk to Read© to the classroom. The Talk to Read© Collaborative is a five-year project developed by the eMINTS National Center in collaboration with the University of Missouri College of Education and Human Development, evaluated by American Institutes for Research® (AIR), and funded by the Education Innovation Research (EIR) Program of the US Education Department.

Teachers Participating in the T2R© Collaborative receive:

  • Up to 40 hours of professional learning (face-to-face, online, synchronous, asynchronous)

  • Technology to support literacy activities

  • Speech recognition tools

  • Instructional strategies for classroom management

  • Coach and peer support in a Community of Practice

Teachers, instructional coaches, and researchers work together for up to 40 hours in face-to-face, online, synchronous, and asynchronous collaborations. Teachers receive one-to-one coaching and are active members of a Community of Practice. Teachers receive digital devices to implement T2R© in their classrooms.